Value Wine of the Week – 12/15/2014

Price:  $10.99

Wine:  Alexander Valley Vineyards, Dry Rosé of Sangiovese

Vintage:  2013

Appellation:  Alexander Valley (California)

Here’s a newsflash:  I friggin’ love Rosé.  Dry Rosé is having a renaissance in the wine world.  Commercially, Rosé still suffers from the stigma of the “White Zinfandel” wines of the 1980s which are generally frowned upon as mass produced chum.  But here’s the real trick, those wines were popular because they were tasty and easy drinking.  I am happy to tell you that Dry Rosé wines are still tasty and easy drinking, while showing depth and complexity to satisfy even the most serious of wine geeks.

Some guys also shy away from pink wines because the find them “unmanly”.  Listen, I’ve got plenty of hair on my chest and I am not afraid to order up a glass of Rosé in even the roughest and toughest of wine bars.  So don’t drink Rosé behind closed doors, fellow men.  Don’t be ashamed to drink pink wine.   Rosé rules!

I first tried this Alexander Valley Vineyards “Dry Rosé of Sangiovese” at The Cave.  I was drawn to the wine because of it’s beautiful color.  This Rosé is what I like to call “deep pink”, a dark color for a Rosé with hints of rouge seeping in.  This is a characteristic I find more often in rosés of Pinot Noir, which are some of my favorites.   I believe this was only the second time I had tried a Rosé of Sangiovese, and I am so glad I tried it.

Tasting Notes

Rosés generally show lots of berry and melon flavors, and this one is no exception.  The tough part for me, is that I don’t generally like berrys and melons and essentially never eat them, so it is difficult for me to describe these flavors well, or explain why I love the so much in a good Dry Rosé like this one.  So first, let me say this may be my favorite Rosé of this Summer.

Certainly there are undeniable strawberry notes on both the nose and the palate.  A good Rosé like this transitions from that combination of berry and melon flavors to a dry finish with some acid and a lingering floral note that just sings of something natural and wonderful.  I’m sure if I ate more fruit I could describe it better.  But the important point, is that I love it and I hope you will too.

The bad news is, that this wine, according to the vineyard’s website, is sold out!  But I acquired it just a few weeks ago, and maybe you can find it too.  This is the constant battle of a wine lover.  You discover something you love, only to find you can’t buy any more of it.  The discovery itself, is usually worth the disappointment, and the anticipation of the next vintage.


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