Value Wine of the Week – 12/8/2014

Price:  $9.89

Wine:  Montebuena Cuvee KPF

Vintage:  2010

Appellation:  Rioja (Spain)

I love Tempranillo.   Ever since my wife and I visited Spain in 2006 and went wine tasting in the Ribiera del Duero region, it has been one of my favorite varietals.  When hunting for VWOW candidates, I will always grab a couple of Spanish bottles because wines from Spain offer some of the best value in the market.

This wine may be less approachable, as it has some fairly intense acidity just out of the bottle.  But, like many old world wines, is great with food for that same reason.  Try it on taco Tuesday or with something spicy and hearty.

I picked this up at a Total Wine where it was labeled at $10.99, but I got it for $9.89 on the Mix 6 discount.  A quick web search shows it can be had even cheaper.

Tasting Notes

This is a medium bodied wine, with high acidity.  The bottle is labeled at 14% alcohol.  On the nose, I got some of those classic pomegranate and currant notes, as well as some old world sweaty leather.  The wine comes off very ripe and juicy on the attack.  The acid is immediately noticeable but there are some tannins showing in the middle, but in the end the acid comes back and wins the battle.

This is a style of wine that I enjoy, especially with food.  While the acid is a bit out of balance, at this price point we don’t expect perfection and we love it when a wine beefs up taco Tuesday!



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Published on: December 20, 2014

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