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I’m your host, the Couch Guy.  Thanks for stopping by.   Couch Wine is designed as a place to talk, learn and share what we love about wine, without getting too serious about it all.

First and foremost,  we love wine here at Couch Wine.  Wine can make your day better, your dinner better, your conversation better, and thus improve your day to day life.  As a bonus, the never-ending hunt for good wine makes for a fantastic hobby that introduces you to lots of great people and the artisan culture that surrounds wine making regions worldwide.

There are a few rules we live by here at CouchWine:

Rule #1:  If you like it, then it’s good wine.  Whether you cork it at your favorite restaurant, or sip a glass on the couch on a Tuesday night, just enjoy it.  Nobody else’s opinion about a wine matters other than yours.

Rule #2:  Don’t be a snob!  If someone else likes it and you don’t, then it’s good wine.  When you can walk a mile with their taste buds in your mouth, then you can judge.  Until then just say “Cheers” and make a new friend.

Rule #3:  Taste as much wine as you can.  It is the only way to learn and understand wine better, and to find what you like.

In our Reviews section, you will find our popular Value Wine of the Week postings, offering up one wine a week that we recommend for solid bang for the buck.  We will also post reviews of other wines we love and recommend and want to share with the world.

We will try to discuss most things here in laymen’s terms, and not get too hung up in the sometimes baffling lingo of the wine world.  In our Wine 101 section we will offer basic wine education, including our ever expanding laymen’s glossary of wine words.

I live in Southern California, outside of L.A.  In our So. Cal. Scene section, we will highlight some of our favorite spots to enjoy wine and favorite places to visit from L.A. to the greater Santa Ynez/Santa Barbara region.

In our Travel section, we will share stories of our wine tasting and touring adventures outside of Southern California.  We will share knowledge and experience from our trips to Paso Robles, to Napa/Sonoma to France, Italy, Spain and future destinations.

So pour yourself a glass and have a look around.  Enjoy, join the discussion and share.  Cheers!


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